Four ways the igaming industry is leading a technological revolution

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Four ways the igaming industry is leading a technological revolution 1

The technology sector has moved at a staggering rate over the last few decades. The casino industry has been at the front and center of this movement, taking advantage of the huge benefits that it has brought with it. Today, we’re going to explore what casinos are and how they have harnessed such incredible technological advances over the last couple of decades.

There seems to be countless online operators providing gambling services to an online audience. The number appears to grow exponentially as companies realize how profitable this online industry can be. It can take time to determine which online casino offers the best introductory offer or the best deal that suits you. According to, an online casino portal, the factors that are integral to the casino industry’s evolution are as follows:

  • Introduction of cryptocurrency casinos
  • Flexibility
  • Improved computing graphics
  • Enhanced gaming speed ensuring games run smoothly

Today we will break down each topic one by one.

Cryptocurrency casinos

The introduction of cryptocurrency into the digital world was a natural step for a world that was beginning to move its entire existence online. Bitcoin was developed in 2008 and features a highly innovative design.

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to remove the need for a third party. In this instance, a centralized bank was no longer required as the direct wallet-to-wallet transfer of cryptocurrency was securely registered and verified on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, following Sam Bankman-Friend losing a multibillion-dollar fortune through his mismanaged exchange FTX. This sort of news can detract from the benefits of cryptocurrency casinos, one of the newest ways to gamble. The other benefits include:

  • Added security for both the provider and the customer
  • Faster connection from wallet to provider, instead of issues with a bank in the middle
  • No credit card transaction deposit fees or exchange fees


This may sound like a vague term. What we mean by flexibility is that you can gamble from your mobile device thanks to the technological revolution that has taken place over the last decade. Previously, if you were an online gambler, the primary gambling method required a PC or laptop.

The impracticalities of this caused a headache for users. Compared to mobile casino gaming, which you can do anywhere, this old approach needed to be more flexible and was problematic for consumers.

Thanks to the innovations in this space, this is no longer an issue, and many mobile casino games have the same type of graphics as games you can play on a laptop or PC.

Computing graphics

This leads us nicely to our penultimate point. In the old days, a slot machine was a manual lever operated purely by mechanics. The only electricity involved was to light up the row of three if you landed the jackpot. Fast forward to today, and these machines contain spectacular colors, gaming features, story modes and graphics.

The technological advancements allowing companies to use these graphics to their advantage are cutting-edge and incredibly innovative.

Better gaming speed

Enhanced graphics don’t mean much if the operating system hosting them is constantly buffering and unable to handle the speed at which they operate. Luckily for casino providers, this is not an issue at all. Improvements in operating systems have resulted in games having incredibly fast and smooth speeds, allowing casino game developers to combine both the latest and best graphics with the highest gaming speeds available.

This has resulted in casino game developers becoming market leaders in the quality of games. In addition, these companies also have sophisticated algorithms that can settle transactions in a split second and allow online casinos to host a large number of different casino games on their servers at any given time.


Despite running through only four variables today, dozens of innovations in the technology sector allow casino operators to maximize their potential. This is from both a business perspective, as well as that customers have the most engaging experience using their sites.

This sector is moving fast, and innovations are taking place year after year. We don’t know where this space will be in five years. However, it is moving so quickly and innovatively that the future continues to look extremely bright for the market leaders that are operating in this space.

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