Frequent Android App Development Mistakes Made By Developers

Mobile apps are a never-ending digital culture that has been around us for a long time and will be around even after we are gone. Mobile apps have been proved a great business revenue generator that has attracted several entrepreneurs. Businesses are developing apps for their business and are generating more profit than ever.

The world of mobile applications has been divided between Android and iOS, and Android is getting the lead in the terms of mobile app count. According to a survey, the app count in the app store is over 3.5 million applications and the number is still growing. The Android platform is prominent in countries like India, South Korea, Russia, China, etc making it the best selling platform in the world.

Although Android is a popular platform in the world, it still ranks second in the terms of revenue generation. The primary reason for it is the quality of the application that play store provides. The Android has been open source and so the publication of apps on the app store is not monitored. Hence the quality of the app cannot be assured, and people won’t pay for an application that cannot perform.

To tackle this problem Android app developers are working hard. They are looking for development mistakes that they frequently make and are trying not to repeat it. Below given are some of those development mistakes that developers make during Android app development.

Feature Hierarchy
The most common mistake that any rookie developer make is including excessive features in the applications that they develop. Too many features in the application can confuse users and they tend to leave the application without even checking what you have to offer. The simple UI design can help tackle this problem. Create a layered infrastructure for your application and let the application itself show the magic.

Ignoring battery consumption rate
During development, developers tend to create a feature-rich application that is very heavy on the phone. This results in forgetting to check the battery consumption rate of the application. After the application is published, users tend to leave the application because it consumes a lot of battery power that it drains the phone faster. This is a total discouragement to the user and they tend to leave the application.

No market research
Not researching the market before developing an application can result in the creation of an application that is same as any other application. In the sea of over 3.5 million applications, it is extremely important to be unique. Introducing unique features to satisfy user demands can make your application stand out.

Ignoring other Android devices
Android devices are like humans, different versions are different from each other. As a developer, it is your duty to develop an application that can be compatible with these different versions and devices. If you ignore the existence of other devices, you won’t be able to reach the potential consumer base that you want to target

Copying iOS
The iOS platform is no doubt unique and sophisticated. But it is really important to remember that Android has its own potential and uniqueness. The developers tend to copy the iOS features that are available in the market. The developers tend to copy the icons, color, logo size, minor features, etc. The users have grown smarter over the years and are looking to enjoy the full potential that the devices promise them. So if you develop an app that is different from an iOS application and unique in its Android way you will be able to create a good application.

Not following guidelines

There are certain guidelines that Google wants the developers to use to maintain the quality of the applications on the play store. There are many guidelines that state the use of codes, API kits, visual kit, distribution, and marketing that can be really helpful for any business that wants to conquer the market using their Android app. Therefore it is really important for developers to follow the Google’s development guidelines.

There are many Android App development companies in India, UK, USA, and Australia who are prominent in the mobile app development sector who are careful regarding such mistakes in their applications. A great Android application can be the key to growing your business. So make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in your application.

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