From Campus to CEO: IITians Leading the Startup Revolution

By Sunil Sonkar
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From Campus to CEO: IITians Leading the Startup Revolution

Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) graduates are making waves in entrepreneurship. They are well-known for having technical expertise and innovative mindset. The alumni are launching ventures across various sectors in recent years. Their startups are shaking the traditional markets and simultaneously addressing global issues like sustainable energy and advanced AI applications.


The rigorous training and resilient mindset at IITs equip them to tackle challenges of startup ecosystem such as securing funding and scaling operations. The success stories of IIT alumni are inspiring for others. Today, they are playing significant roles in India as well as in other countries.

IITian Siddhant Jain started working on VdoCipher startup while still being in college. He secured paying customers before graduation. His company today serves over 3,000 businesses in more than 120 countries. Jain attributes much of his success to the network of intelligent friends and colleagues at IIT. His journey highlights success is based on the value a product or service he provides.

Another IITian Anshuman Das states that career preferences of IIT graduates have evolved significantly and it is now basically driven by economic changes, success stories, institutional support and technological advancements as well in the country. The boom in tech sector and rise of venture capital has created opportunities for startups. The shift is now also being supported by institutional backing.

The experience of IITian Shalu Mitruka at MindTickle and Deloitte fueled her passion for entrepreneurship. She therefore co-found investment platform Growthpal. Her startup disrupted traditional investment banking with a data-driven platform. It has closed several deals and witnessed 3x revenues in the past year. Mitruka said that her success is based on the importance of leveraging unique opportunities and building organic relationships.

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