Fudan University Unveils AI Predictor for Complex Physics Problems

Fudan University's HNKO, blending math and AI, solves complex physics puzzles like a smart detective, even with incomplete data.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Fudan University Unveils AI Predictor for Complex Physics Problems

Fudan University made a big breakthrough in making tough physics easier to understand. A team of math and AI experts were involved and invented something called the Hamiltonian Neural Koopman Operator (HNKO).


HNKO uses both math and smart computer tricks to solve tough physics problems like guessing how things move and work together. Even when the data is messy or not complete, HNKO can still figure things out. It is like having a super-smart detective that can solve puzzles even when some of the pieces are missing.

One of the neatest things about HNKO is how it can find hidden patterns. It is like finding a secret code in a mess of numbers that tells you how everything fits together. That is what HNKO does. It is like having super-powered vision to understand everything in the universe.

To show how great HNKO is, the Fudan University team tried it out on different physics problems such as how planets move in space. Even with hundreds or thousands of things to keep track of, HNKO handled it like a pro. It is like having a superhero helping you understand the universe.

What’s cool about this find is how it mixes old-school math with super-smart AI. By putting them together, HNKO gets even better. It’s like having a really clever friend who knows all the secrets.

Fudan University’s discovery is not just about solving puzzles. It is about a big change. With HNKO leading the charge, we are moving into a fresh understanding of physics. It is like finding a key to a whole new world of knowledge and it is all thanks to the bright minds at the Fudan University.

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