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Future Proof Your Clients’ Portfolios with Robotics & AI

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Robotics and Automation have come a long way from where they started. Now, the disruptive tech of 2018, Artificial Intelligence is creeping into Robotics Industry and it has been trying to integrate with that industry for a while now. Experts think, investing in this industry will definitely safeguard your client’s future and diversify the investment portfolio.


The webcast broadcasted on Jan 9th in ETF trends, talked about how to “Future Proof Your Clients’ Portfolios with Robotics & AI”. The speakers of the webcast were William Studebaker CIO and President, ROBO Global, Jeremie Capron, Director of Research ROBO Global, Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher, ETF Trends. This webcast included topics like global impact of Robotics and AI, trend of 2018 and why you should advise your clients’ in this industry.

Why it is important for your clients to secure their future with investments in Robotics & AI?

It is very important to go with the technological wave rather than feel left behind. The change is going to happen ultimately. If not today, it will happen tomorrow. Your clients should be brazed to face the full touch down of this disruptive technology if they are not already into this field. When majority of the investors are preferring a thriving field like Robotics and AI, your clients should not feel left out from the crowd.

In 2018, AI is supposed to take over majority of popular industries. The AI wave is just ebbing, and it will take decades before it settles. It is also finding new meaning to the products used in the daily life and making them better in so many ways. The expanse at which google grew in a very shot period of ten years is an epitome of what AI can do. Robotics is in need of AI more than ever. With computer vision and Machine Learning (AI), we may even produce humanoid robots which closely resemble humans and behave much like us. If we count Sophia and its siblings we are already on the right path. There is going to be a lot of research in this field which can produce ground breaking results. If you guessed this already, then you should probably be advising your clients to invest more into this industry. Believe it or not, the future is 90% AI and it will find its way into every nook and cranny of technology ever created by mankind. It is high time that we realize this fact and act accordingly.




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