Future-Proofing Your Cloud Virtual Machines with Top Security Practices

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Future-Proofing Your Cloud Virtual Machines with Top Security Practices

COVID-19 changed how companies use computers and the internet a lot. A lot of companies started using cloud computing, which is a large digital storage space. Surprisingly, 60% of all the important information that companies have is now kept in this digital cloud. Experts think that by the year 2029, the value of this digital storage space market will be a huge $376.37 billion.

Now, there is something special in the segment and it is called virtual machines (VMs). These are like digital computer versions but a cheaper one. However, there is a tricky part. These digital machines also make it harder to keep things safe and secure.

Securing virtual machines means being really careful. It is like putting locks on the digital doors and windows to make sure no one can get in and mess with important stuff. We must be sure only the right people can use these virtual machines and everyone should know how to keep things safe.

Imagine if a virtual machine is not secure. It is like leaving the door open for cyber hackers to take or mess up important information. That is a big problem. Not only could it cause a company to stop working for a while (downtime), but it could also make people lose trust in that company.

That is where virtualized security comes in. Think of it like having a digital champion that keeps all the important information safe. This champion makes sure that rules are followed, things keep running smoothly and the company doesn’t spend too much money doing it.

Now, when we are all concerned about keeping our digital stuff safe, making sure virtual machines are secure is really, really important. It is not just about tech stuff, but it is simultaneously a smart choice to keep things safe and working well for a long time.

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