Fynd Launches ‘Workbench’, its Data and Machine Learning Product

Fynd Launches 'Workbench', its Data and Machine Learning Product 1

Fynd, which is one of the unique e-commerce portal is now expanding its business not just in the field of omnichannel space but also in the Business to Business space by offering the Unique Data and Machine Learning Product suite for the community of data.

The e-commerce startup has launched a beta version of its completion in-house self-serve data workshop which is called by the name as Workbench. It is a suite of products which is designed for the data community to share, build and manage data and Machine Learning projects at any scale of a point.

The idea is to eliminate the third party dependency for the business users to access, share and analyze the essential data.

The startup as of now has revealed its first data product of InstaAPI from the suite. InstaAPI is a platform which is used to explore, connect and query any of the data sources. It helps the business users and data analysis and shares all their queries as API’s.

With the help of it, users can also automate their workflow with the help of an inbuilt scheduler available and third-party applications integrations. There are many companies with many data sources which come across this unique challenge with respect to the accessibility, visibility, sharing, and variety.

Commenting on Workbench, Farooq Adam, Co-founder, Fynd said, “We have huge ambitions here! We are actively commercializing our internal data and ML products that can compete with the best in the world. Each of these products is built to solve a problem at hand at Fynd. The aim is to empower and make business users the owners of the data. And, in the process to enable the developers to move on to solve the next set of problems.”

In the near future, the company is also planning to launch the more such data of the Machine Learning and data-based products, which the company as of now is using internally.

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