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Geo Fencing In Location Based SMS Marketing Channels

Location based form of marketing is always taking the notion of personalized marketing right up to the next level. Whether the matter is associated with delivering some personalized message to people jut near the retail stores or just discount offer to people who might have visited your competitors for now, any form of location based marketing has major potential to engage with the potential customers for any targeted campaigns.

As per a study by the famous Skyhook, brands are always expected to grow as much as around 20% in the area of conversion by just adding the location based data to the ad data. Now the main question over here is how specified the brands are likely to be whenever they are willing to target some of the people based on their stated location? Can be it any country, state, area or city?

Honing the notion of geo fencing right now:

With the idea and help of the geo fencing techniques right now, such as GPS and RFID, brands now have the right to just target even the minute locations just like a street or a building. They can just further set up one area to define the current radius within which, the targeted marketing message is right on display. You will come to learn more about these options and even about the text messaging service for nonprofits when you have pros by your side for addressing the needs now.

There are often times when you can actually develop mobile app by using the geo fencing option. For that, you better log online and catch up with the reliable app developers always by your side to help. They are well acquainted with the idea of geo fencing and the kind of apps to go great with it. Things will work out pretty well for you in this regard.

Learning the idea of geo fencing:

As the name suggest it well, geo fencing mainly refers to setting up some of the virtual boundaries or even fencing around specified geo or location for trigger action as soon someone gets to enter to leave the targeted location. The marketing section comes into being whenever any targeted message is well delivered as soon as any potential customer crosses fenced location.

  • Geo fencing uses some of the major technologies like radio frequency identification or RFID, Bluetooth and GPS, to name a few, and only for enabling the location identification.
  • It solely depends on some of the other mobile apps like messaging ones to make distribution of the targeted messages quite possible for now.
  • By just leveraging the technology, many of the businesses, mainly the retailers can get benefited in so many ways. Learning about the advantages of using geo fencing in the area of SMS marketing and retail ones will prove the points really well.

Head on with better targeting:

By just personalizing the SMS marketing messages depending on the location, you get the opportunity to target people within the vicinity of the store. So, it helps in increasing the high end possibility of just attracting more people to come and take a quick trip to your outlet. This step will always ensure improved form of targeting and even personalization of the said marketing messages now.

Time for the engagement:

Consumers over here are more likely to get properly engaged with the brand on mobile in case the app provides them with some of the relevant offers and just at the right time.

  • It will always ensure one better engagement with the consumers.
  • This stage, in turn, will increase the loyalty associated with the brand along with advocacy to a whole new level altogether.

Working on ROI and proficient efficiency level right now:

Geo fencing is the one to enable or give you the chance to send offers to people who are within the vicinity of the store. It will help the owners of the business to just analyze the response along with the effectiveness of the campaign, and making it easier to just optimize marketing efforts and end up with better ROI.

  • It is always true to state that the location based marketing is highly personalized.
  • This will be properly targeted to improve the efficiency level in a rather significant manner.
  • By just delivering the specified offers to people depending on their location, you get the chance to improve impact that the communications might create right on you buyers.

Hand out some better data through geo fencing:

Once you have successfully implemented the location based marketing strategies, you are likely to get access to a hell lot of data. This bulk data can be widely used for generating insights like the stores performing better and the target sections, which are easily approachable. It will also talk about the specified locations, which are rather proven to be more suitable for the kind of business you are in right now. These points are clearly what you need to cater to whenever the matter is associated with geo fencing and its idea. So, better data is just a part of it.

Some technologies as followed:

It is true that geo fencing always relies on four major mobile technologies for identifying the location and also for implementing algorithms depending on boundaries. Learning about those four mobile technologies can help you big time.

  • The first one is Wi Fi, which is often the standard feature in most of the smartphones these days. It has a good potential reach and also an open network.
  • Next one in the list got to be RFID with the maximum precision level in tracking. It does not need any extra effort from customer’s side.
  • The third one is GPS, which is a cost effective option with amazing precision when widely used outdoors. It can complement ell with other location solutions.
  • The last one is Beacons, which are battery powered. It helps to identify location within signal radius with location and Bluetooth.

So, make sure to get these points covered before you can actually cater to the best geo fencing option in location based marketing campaigns.


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