Get the most from a serverless application in public cloud

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Public cloud needs to reinvent itself quickly, or the burden of innovation will soon increase beyond tolerable stress. Gone are those days when data centers were literally centrally located and you could simply use the cloud to carry out business decision making. Many other scenarios demand public cloud to be more decentred, less dependent on its servers. As applications increasingly become complexly layered, it is important to stop iterating the whole code and run specific sections as required when triggered by an event.

The server in the serverless and its many intricacies

The name can be misleading at times because it does employ a server, but only when the function needs to run. Basically, the serverless feature highlights less usage of resources and renders the process even more cost effective. Obviously, the technological giants have been at it from the world go with Lambda from AWS, Azure functions from Microsoft and Cloud functions from Google.serverless application in public cloud

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the simplest technology, so an amount of experience in related fields is necessary to handle such a scenario. Cloud administrators need to update themselves too as major structural changes are on their way. Serverless applications mean micro services will become more prevalent that use software in fragments or components serving particular functions, called upon only when necessary. So, cloud computing will be faster, smaller and affordable, but much more complex.

For cloud administrators, the job is now to administer the functions at work and their smooth deployment as well as availability. Since each function is important, they must take care of them by attending troubleshooting, checking costs as well as usage to understand which functions are in demand mostly. In fact, there are monitoring applications available for the leading cloud providers. Lastly, they have to share all these information with developers so that serverless applications can undergo continuous optimization regarding cost and performance.

Suitable apps for such technology and beyond

Such a system seems perfect for small functions that require less resource and little dependency along with short runtime. Basically, they are always in movement which makes them easily deployable too. Unlike functions or applications that require considerable resource, serverless system can be fundamentally transformative as it may become an alternative for VMs. This is mostly the case with serverless extensions like AWS Lambda which support functions that have a 5 minute runtime.

Serverless computing does have a significant impact on cost since the application’s design is radically altered. So, the more fragmented, the cheaper the application. However, it also depends on the architecture as well as the number of functions running simultaneously, which finally determines the cost. However, this does not equate to a savings since function call does cost some money because it accesses server each time it is called. In fact, if there are too many function calls, it may become problematic for the application since it will incur more costs than usual. So, better prepare your application accordingly.

With the arrival of this new technology, there are certain issues that have cropped up and must be considered before you confer this upon the application. For example, performance and latency is a major issue when it comes to serverless functions because of the loading. Similarly, extremely complicated functions also become difficult to monitor and can be a headache for the administrators. Your function has to be fast, and you should be ready for any kind of failure. In short, you need a big team which must keep track of all sorts of changes however big or small. So, it is yet to break through the barriers.

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