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Cloud services are surely something that big giants cannot do without and Microsoft is one name among them that surely wants to stay ahead in the market.

So much so, they have decided to make a pivotal move towards becoming an enterprise whose sole concern is cloud service.In fact, Microsoft has located the potential of cloud computing in the domain of research and it has understood that it is an ever-expanding market that they need to tap. They, as a matter of fact, are now launching tutorial programs for researchers so that they can get the best out of cloud.

There are various services under Microsoft that uses the strategy and hence, it is important to understand each of them individually.

The azure portal

The Azure is Microsoft’s reply to the Amazon web services. It is probably the easiest interface that exists in terms of user friendliness. However, Azure is not limited to merely a user interface. Rather, it has extended its service to Linux, Windows and Mac. Moreover, APIs too can use its service by using its command-line interface.

There are tutorials that will teach you about how smoothly Azure handles all the storage issues and files. Within half an hour, you will become an expert of Azure storage system. Since storage system is one of the fundamental aspects of cloud services, it is important to have an in-depth idea about it. It is available and functional across all platforms.

Azure virtual machine

It is the age of providing a secluded workstation, which if necessary, can connect to the cloud. This virtual machine comes with pre-installed software and surely is going to give a top competition to the data science VM launched by Linux. vfff

Although Linux also have Windows version of the machine, the fact that it is launched by Microsoft indicates a smoother and reliable integration in case you are using a Windows machine. You can simply create a simple VM and continue installing the software you may need.

However, do not take the risk of creating a VM with too many software since it makes the process of understanding the functions difficult. Build from the scratch and learn simultaneously.

Jupyter on Azure

It is a classic notebooks-as-a-service that is available on the Azure platform. Easily executable and shareable, these free services help you keep your notebooks organized and keep your data-sets at one location.

There is an auto save feature enabled in the system so your libraries and their corresponding changes are saved immediately. That helps researchers in ensuring that they can use any data-set at any point of time in a recycling manner. Coupled with this system, Azure has also introduced the feature of machine learning that is a web-based, end-to-end system to check the algorithms you write.

This is a classic testing model before you deploy your code. It also has similar libraries and supports R and Python. In short, Azure is going all out to grab the research market and stay ahead in the competition.

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