Ghazal Alagh’s Viral Tips for Standing Out in Startup Business

By Sunil Sonkar
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Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh lately shared some valuable lessons with the startups from her professional journey and extensive experience. Her post of six key lessons has meanwhile gone viral and simultaneously generated widespread attention. Her experience includes more than 10,000 and seven years dedicated to three different startups.


It is true that success is addictive and often makes one crave more. Ghazal advises not to get caught up in chasing the next big success. It is better to enjoy the achievements and stay focused on steady progress. Usually entrepreneurs neglect the well-being as it is something like a selfish nature.

Ghazal emphasizes that taking care of oneself is crucial. It benefits as well as boosts business performance. It is suggested to surround oneself with people who support and think of uplifting. A strong and positive network is vital for personal as well as business growth. Long-term plans are important and concentrating on immediate actions is crucial too. Goals should be broken down into manageable steps as these will be more achievable.

She suggests to embrace quirks and unique traits that makes one stand out in the crowd. These are the greatest strengths in business. Every mistake or failure is a learning opportunity. These are like stepping stone to future success.

The post of Ghazal received over 3,200 views, a plethora of likes and many supportive comments. One person commented that it is a motivational quote of the day. Another person said that it is a much-needed piece of advice for all. The reactions show how deeply her message resonated with the audience.

Ghazal discussed the concept of work-life balance in another post. She mentioned that famous entrepreneurs often believe that work-life balance is unattainable. She believes that work-life balance is not a rigid concept but a flexible one that varies from person to person.

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