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Glimpse Into EngageBay’s Influencer Quotes Project

Glimpse Into EngageBay’s Influencer Quotes Project 1

EngageBay, the affordable all-in-one-marketing suite, has been keeping busy lately. Radha Mohan Singh Roy, the company’s Head of Marketing, has spearheaded a sizable influencer quotes compilation that may possibly be the largest of its kind.

Of course, due to the sheer immensity of the compilation, EngageBay’s little project has attracted big attention.

Glimpse Into EngageBay’s Influencer Quotes Project 2

What Is It?

For three months this year, Roy gathered quotes relevant to today’s businesspeople and marketers. The quotes cover many areas of business, including entrepreneurship, social media, content marketing, and small business marketing. Major names participated in the project too, such as Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Noah Kagan, Brian Fanzo, Rebekah Radice, and many, many more.

EngageBay founder and CEO Sreedhar immediately took a liking to Roy’s project because not only are the quotes inspirational in nature, but they’re informative and educational, too. Some are even tips and pointers for success.

How Did the Project Start?

What was the impetus for such a large undertaking, you ask? It wasn’t like Roy woke up one day and decided to create a giant business quotes compilation. It evolved organically.

Roy, like many of us, was looking for some quotable sound bites to share on social media. To do that, he began researching business quotes. He found more than he needed but kept going. That led to what Roy called a “eureka” moment.

He realized there was a need for these quotes to be compiled in one place, and so began gathering them. He put many man-hours into the project, including several sleepless nights where he would wake up eager to continue researching.

Roy did more than simple Google searches for his quotes curation. He combed through Shark Tank event videos and transcripts, seminars, podcasts, and blog posts to find these amazing gems.

The Results

EngageBay recently announced that the Influencer quotes compilation is live. The quotes are categorized by small business, social media marketing, content marketing, landing pages, email marketing, general marketing, SEO, SaaS, sales, and entrepreneurship.

Glimpse Into EngageBay’s Influencer Quotes Project 3

Once you choose a category, you can click a businessperson and read their collection of quotes and tips. If any of these quotes deeply resonate with you like they did the staff of EngageBay, you can like them. You can also share them on your on social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

EngageBay is proud to have unveiled this project. “I personally found the quotes to immensely valuable and actionable,” says Roy. “In our efforts to be a valuable marketing partner for entrepreneurs and small and growing companies, we believe this exercise is going to be a step in that direction. Every quote we have collected is with keeping our target customers in mind.”

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