Global Investments Surge as Data Ownership Redefines the Tech Landscape

Global tech investments surge as the focus shifts from software to data, driving an active data economy through collaboration among Big Tech, banks and governments..

By Sunil Sonkar
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Global Investments Surge as Data Ownership Redefines the Tech Landscape

Exciting changes are happening in Brazil as it becomes a hub for the next big tech shift. Since 2012, the tech scene there has grown a lot, with new laws, tech innovations as well as lots of global investments.


In tech, there is a move from software to data – the stuff that trains artificial intelligence (AI). Big Tech, banks and governments teaming up have made a busy data economy. While AI gets a lot of attention, it is essential to know that data is like the “fuel” for AI.

In 2016, the EU did something important to keep public data safe. They made a rule called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Brazil followed suit, giving people similar privacy rights and investing in data stuff to let citizens use their data wisely.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft spent lots of money, billions actually, on AI. But here is the catch. The free use of personal data is fading. Now, there is a need to make money from it, watch over it and keep it in check.

In the future, there is a new way of sharing data. It wants to let regular people have more control over their important data. This might bring in new startups and make a brand-new data system that helps everyone.

In simple terms, the time of freely using personal data is ending, marking the start of the next big tech phase.

Moving into 2024, a big change is coming. Now, everyone worldwide will have more control over their own data that makes AI work. This started in early 2019 when Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, spoke up for reforms to protect consumers.

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