GlobalLogic, NASSCOM Associates to Host a Nationwide Hackathon


GlobalLogic which is a software-based product engineering firm has now hosted a hackathon in collaboration with the IT industry lobby Nasscom for promoting the AI technology-led innovation, the organization revealed in a statement.

Nasscom revealed that the platform will provide with the developers an ecosystem to share and test all their ideas, engineering and knowledge know-how. The hackathon also much more focused on the AI-led business transformation and some of the other emerging technology solutions.

“Such delivery models, which lead to developing and fostering the skills for the future and creating new transformational capabilities. With AI leading the technology wheel across sectors, upskilling and creation of new AI-based solutions will help build a more efficient tech ecosystem, impacting the industry and businesses positively,” said Srikanth Srinivasan, head of membership at Nasscom.

The hackathon which has been named as “30hacks” the coding competition is an annual initiative of the GlobalLogic and saw some of the participation from more than 27 teams from the various companies from all across the globe.

“Our partnership has served as the backbone for various industry initiatives. This will also act as an incubator for innovation and a stepping stone for learning and development. Such endeavors will help technologists in unleashing their true potential and deriving tangible results for businesses,” said A Nandini, vice president of delivery at GlobalLogic India.

Founded in the year 2000 by the Indian entrepreneurs, GlobalLogic has close to around $500 million in revenue. The company also has a great presence in the Pune, Noida, and Gurgaon in India and is headed by the CEO Shashank.


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