Gmail to Roll AI Button to Help Write Emails

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Gmail to Roll AI Button to Help Write Emails 1

Google I/O 2023 event made the announcement of some of the latest and exciting hardware and software news. Some of the news is directly related to bringing Artificial Intelligence into most of its products which are inclusive of Google Workspace. The fact is all about the newly launched Pixel 7a smartphone that got an AI link. It is all about finding and writing emails a pain.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google has mentioned that the company is currently working on writing emails in an easier way. In the respective event, Sundar Pichai also mentioned that the launch of “Help me write,” which is an AI-powered feature part of Gmail can do the generation of instant responses to emails-virtually in just a few seconds.

‘Help me write email in Gmail


Gmail is working actively towards the direction of making the user’s work a lot easier. “There are some great instances of how generative AI is helping in evolving the products, which has been initialized with Gmail. In 2017, Google launched Smart Reply, short responses that could select with just one click. Smart Compose was the next best launch that offered writing suggestions once typed. Smart Compose supports advanced writing features which are powered by AI. At the time they are used in Workspace over 180 billion times. With the help of a much more powerful generative model, the next step in Gmail would be “Help me write,” Pichai said.

If we talk about the workability of the tool, Pichai used “Help me write” to respond an email saying the recipient’s flight got cancelled. The airline has sent a voucher, but what you really want is a full refund. One can reply, and make use of ‘Help me write’ to perform the same. All you have to do is simply type what you want, which is an email that asks for a full refund. Click on Create, and a full draft comes into the picture.

However, in case you are not satisfied with the mail and want to refine it further, you can even perform the task with the help of the tool. These tools consist of a button that allows users in refining the mail, with “formalize”, “elaborate,” and “shorten.”

Pichai also revealed that ‘Help me write’ will be launched as a part of Google Workspace updates.

Till now, only for the testers the tool has been launched.

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