Goa Sees 33% Growth in Women-Led Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Goa Sees 33% Growth in Women-Led Startups

Women are shouldering responsibilities in the growth of Indian startup ecosystem. We witnessed an all-women startup event recently in Kashmir and now a data reveals Goa has witnessed a 33 percent growth in women-led startups. The data was revealed by the Women in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER).


The report highlights broader changes in the global business landscape. Percentage of women-led startups in India increased to 18% between 2017 and 2021. This means a positive shift is being witnessed towards more female representation in entrepreneurship.

Goa is emerging as a hotspot for startups and women are playing a crucial role in driving innovation as well as economic growth. 76 of 225 registered startups in the state are led by women either as founders or co-founders.

The state government has actively supported the growth of startups through various initiatives including the Goa Startup Yatra, Masterclasses and Corporate Startup events. The efforts are aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs and strengthening self-sustaining enterprises.

Contractzy founder Gautami Raikar praised the support of Goa government for innovation and entrepreneurship. Make It Happen founder Maria Victor simultaneously emphasized the community-driven approach of her venture that mainly focus in preserving the cultural heritage of the state through immersive travel experiences.

Goenkart co-founder Moksha highlighted the role of platforms like theirs that showcase and promote Goan women entrepreneurs on a wider scale, both national and international.

The growing women participation in startups reflects changing dynamics in the Indian startup ecosystem. It also signifies a broader societal shift towards inclusivity as well as empowerment. Goa is currently gaining momentum and believed to become one of the important startup hubs in India.

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