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GoaMiles steps in the world of Uber and Ola in Goa

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GoaMiles represents itself as the only occupied service of cabs in the Goa region, where these services are presently dealing a backlash with the routed privately, owned taxis around the area.

GoaMiles now makes the release of pan-India cab regulating services such as Ola and Uber to the coastal state, making it more out of technology-based services with the initiate to motivate the competition in the sector while lending a hand to look after the best of its services to the customers in the region itself.

With the advent of Taxi services in the country, Ola taxi services in Goa, were established in the year 2014 previously yet, there soon stopped to cater to the public needs by the state Transport Department following protests as formulated by the regional taxi operators.

Furthermore, Goa’s private taxi association have been a roadblock for the startup to continue to fulfil people’s demands in the region and thus, it had to deal with certain accusations of such to step on their livelihood.

As a matter of fact, a bunch of numerous cases have been filed in the region against the private taxi operators by the GoaMiles taxi drivers for the assaults and threats by them.

Thus, the Chief Minister of the region, Pramod Sawant also claimed to take a confident and supportive action against the private taxi operators if any of such accusations are caught by the eye of the Goa Government.

Numerous attempts have been made by the state government for the installation and presentation of a fare meter system but was not successful.

In fact the members of taxi lobby made an attempt to attack tour coach buses, taking on with foreign tourists and proposing accusations to tour operators of reducing their business connections.

Furthermore, the state also looks into dealing with more than seven million homing tourists every forthcoming year and thus goes through certain issues because of high pricing and uneven public transport systems.

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