Google Acquires ‘Where Is My Train’ App To Ride India’s Tech Wave

Google Acquires 'Where Is My Train' App To Ride India's Tech Wave 1

Google now acquires the Bangalore based Sigmoid Labs, the company behind the India highest rated travel app, “Where Is My Train,” that works even without the internet connection as well. The terms/financials of the deal has not been closed yet, according to the media report it has been estimated to be $30-40 million. The acquisition was also a part of the Google ‘Next Billion Users’ Initiative.

The startup has announced its acquisition, saying, “We’re excited to share that Sigmoid Labs, the team behind the “Where is my train” app, is joining Google. We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands.”

The startup which is founded in 2017, by the five former executives of TiVo Corporation, a technology entertainment company in the US, Where is My Train is a unique train app which displays live train status and up to date schedules. The pp can easily function offline without the help of any internet or GPS. It is also packed up with the useful features such as the destination alarms and a speedometer.

The startup has a team size of about 10 people and is based out of Bangalore and post the acquisition it will going to join the company and will continue to work on the application as well.

Where Is My Train offers the offline integration of the IRCTC and Indian Railways timetables, with the cell-tower information to locate the trains. The app also helps the customers zero in on trains with just the destination and source or even the partial train names.


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