Google adds new features and doodles dedicating to World Cup 2019

On the occasion of ICC cricket world cup, Google adds a new feature to search and assistant for people to know the important match updates.

Users are now available to a feature where with just typing “ICC cricket world cup”, tournament table, stats, and upcoming matches can be seen. This search is also made available in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Urdu too.

To keep up with the world cup craze, users just have to ask, “Hey Google, when does India play next?” and they will receive all the updates about the upcoming and ongoing matches.

Users can also pin real-time scores on their Android phone screens from Search on mobile browsers or from the Android Google App. For everyday stats and predictions, users can just ask, “Hey Google, what are the current Cricket standings?”.

Google has also added a doodle, dedicating it to the world cup 2019. The doodle comes with a black background with an O replaced with a cricket ball and the L replaced with the stumps apparently. A bowler is then seen bowling the ball to the batsmen, and once the ball is hit, a fielder catches the ball.

When you click on the doodle it will take user to the ‘ICC cricket world cup’ homepage, where the data of the upcoming, ongoing and the matches that will be held later in the day. The live score is also displayed on this page.


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