Google AI Starts Making Inroads into Data Center Security

Google AI Starts Making Inroads into Data Center Security 1

With early interest in the Tech Giant Google Contact Center AI system is already doing the materializing, but some in the industry say enthusiasm about the tech giant’s Artificial Intelligence prowess should be tempered by caution and awareness of Google’s own possible motives in targeting the data rich market.

Behind Google’s push into contact center with AI and natural language processing tools is that it can also reap the advantages and some of the benefits of the masses of data that resides in the networks of contact center, said Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder of Constellation Research.

Wang, in a blog report noted that the volumes of big data in contact centers are ideal for a data-centric company like Google, while Google’s advanced natural language processing(NLP) capabilities make its technology useful for contact centers which is looking to reduce monotonous, repetitive inputs for some its agents.

“This is a natural spot for Google to be in,” Wang said. “They see a lot of the contact center operations to be AI-driven and they can take advantage of it with natural language processing.”

According to a Google executive which said in a statement, however, Google is only acting as a data processor for contact centers and will not retain the data or use it to train its models.

Available through contact center vendors

Google Contact Center AI includes some of the components some of them are: AI Powered assistant for human beings, virtual agents, and contact center analytics.

The new tools for Google Contact Center AI are built on the concept of Dialogflow, a suite of human-computer interaction technologies aimed at contact centers, which includes the sentiment analysis, automatic spelling correction and text-to-speech capabilities. The tools are aimed at helping developers without the process of NLP or AI expertise build contact center voice functions.

The contact center is integrated with some of the major platforms some of them include the Upwire, RingCentral, Genesys, Appian, Vonage, Twilio, Mitel, Five9, and Cisco.

Google has also been touting from so long that Ticketmaster as a beta user of Dialogflow, which is a central component of Contact Center AI.

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