Google Analytics real time changes to “last 5 minutes”

By Srikanth
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The search engine giant, Google has now taken a new initiative to upgrade the title it generally uses for real-time analytics in the purpose of the Universal Analytics 3 “in the last 5 minutes”.


Previously this portion was named “right now”, but with Google Analytics 4 turning out. Google always wanted to simply work and utilize a title that was more specific than that what they were showing prior to these.

In the last 5 minutes.

The latest versioned title of Google metrics depicts the meaning in a more relevant manner than that of the previous one. The term “right now” reveals that is would in real-time, but it was actually not right at that time only.

Why is it required to make changes?

Here we also believe that Google made this sudden change so that they would be able to fill the gap in communication with respect to the why UA3 (Universal Analytics 3) real-time metrics are different from GA4 (Google Analytics 4) real-time metrics. UA3 real-time metrics are based on the last five minutes, whereas GA4 real-time metrics are based on the last 30 minutes.

Why bother about that?

When you visualize such changes, don’t worry, you are not the only one who sees this – we all are on the same page regarding the dilemma. But rest assured, the metrics in real-time Universal Analytics 3 have not been modified. Google is just making it transparent that UA3 is measuring the past 5 minutes, and GA4 is counting the past 30 minutes.

Always keep in consideration that both UA3 and GA4 used to scale the traffic in differentiated ways – so even if they both consider the past 5 minutes, it would show diverse numbers.

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