Google Announces Joint AI Research Venture with Princeton University


In a press release which has been released yesterday revealed that the Google AI, the technology giant has revealed that it has no entered into a joint venture with the prestigious and historic Princeton University, with the aim to dive into much more more in-depth into the promising scientific field of the Artificial Intelligence.

Princeton and Google

For the deal, Google has had a long-standing story history of partnering with some of the more top academic institutions just like the Stanford MIT in their pursuit of innovation in the field of computer engineering and science.

On much eager to build on some of the existing insight in the subset field of machine learning, artificial intelligence. Google as of now hopes to wide up the research in some of the multiple fields.

The partnership with the Princeton University has manifested itself into the form of a new lab, across the various streets from the historic hall of a Princeton University, which has been scheduled to open its door in early 2019.

Machine Learning Optimization

“By fostering closer collaborations with faculty and students at Princeton, the lab aims to broaden research in multiple facets of machine learning, focusing its initial research efforts on optimization methods for large-scale machine learning, control theory, and reinforcement learning”, says the Google and Princeton team.

Google has already been working so hard with the Princeton research institute in the field of reinforcement learning and machine learning. The existing partnership has been a success in these few fields. Both the team have made super progress in the spectral filtering and large-scale optimization for the control and reinforcement learning.


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