Google Assistant and what can it do?

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Google Assistant and what can it do?

We all use mobile phones and have the access of Internet connection which is called as Google which helps in many ways; we can gather the information at a fraction of seconds through the use of this. I think we all have across Google assistants such as Siri, Crotona and Alexa in various devices basing on the brands.

These google assistants help us in assisting us in many ways such as:

  • It helps us in changing the settings automatically
  • it helps us in giving updates
  • It also helps us in setting us the alarm as well and it reminds us the things to do as per our settings in the phone. Because of these google assistants it is becoming easy for us to access any application in our phone or in changing the format of the settings in our phone just through our voice.

 Google assistants, the word ‘assistant’ itself indicates helps and who assists us in each and every way.

Because of this it became very easy for us to make calls to people directly through our voice without even unlocking the devices. Google assistant was introduced in the year 2016 on the date of May 16th.The developer of this is Google. The first google assistant is Siri on a smartphone and It was unveiled by Sunder Pichau and he also explained that assistant was designed to be conversational and the fun fact about these google assistants is it also plays games with us and It gives news updates every day and provides accurate information. It also help in playing music basing on the command we give directly through our voice, as already mentioned it helps us in setting alarm which is just like a reminder. The important use that we derive from these is it helps us in providing information about the places, it helps in finding routes of the location we want to reach, and mostly everyone uses these whenever they are stuck in traffic or lost somewhere.

  • A Google assistant provides accurate and correct information. We all need to just say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. These words are called as the wake words which we use to get access of these google assistants.
  • A Google assistant helps us to translate sentence of language to other languages as well. These assistants are well equipped with knowledge and provide information what is going across the world.
  • These assistants help us in finding information online such as booking of the hotels or booking of rooms.
  • It also helps in making appointments with the people and also sends messages to the people we want directly through our voice.
  • These assistants will make a note of each and everything basing on the activities we do in our phones. In advanced smart devices,
  • These assistants helps us in controlling other devices like switching ‘on’ and switching ‘off’ of lights and fan, even locking of doors as well.

In our smart phones if we have the application of google, then it would be very for us in setting the google assistants in our phone. It not only gives access to our command but also we can also write to assistants by text instead of speaking out loud in front of the public.


There are two types of google assistants those are where:

There are smart phones that are running with the help of google assistants as well, there are many such as the smart plugs and the thermostats, it is a device which helps in estimating the temperature of the room and also garage door openers as it is mentioned in the above. Some of the commands that people give to the google assistants and which they give are “Good Morning” and the “Wake me up at” with a prescribed timing and “Open” which helps in opening the application we want and “Set a reminder for” which helps in setting the proper time for us, just like a reminder and “Turn on the Bluetooth” which helps in turning on the Bluetooth option and there are many commands that we give to these assistants such as to play videos and music etc.

  • These helps in locating our phone if we lost it somewhere in the public and these assistants automatically alert the security systems and helps in preventing the intruders of our phone.
  • These assistants will act just like a person who guides us in each and every way.
  • These assistants also recite a poem and even sing a song and there are some specialized games as well which we can play with the google assistant whenever we feel bored.
  • These are the specialized uses we can devices from these google assistants. Without these google assistants it would be so inconvenient for us to unlock the phone and typing each and everything we want.
  • These help us in activating of phone and receive our command in fraction of seconds and these acts as a time saviors.
  • These assistants memorizes the things as well which can’t. There are some Bluetooth devices which are specially designed and are run with the help of these assistants. Now-a-days many people started using these devices.
  • These assistants are available in the smart watches which we wear on our hand and listen to our commands from a very tiny device compared to phones. Such a great innovation it is. In future, the innovation would increase and definitely even these google assistants may also get advanced in the upcoming days.
  • These assistants help us in many activities that may be related to our house or office.
  • These assistants would only give access to our voice and listen to our commands only if we have good internet connection in our phone.

These are just the artificial intelligences and which draws information from the google apps and services including the calendrer and Gmail etc. These acts just like our own personal assistants. Interesting fact about these google assistants not only assist us in the English languages and it can assist us in regional languages we use to communicate in our own places. But this facility is only in some languages but we can find giving access to different languages in near days. This is about the google assistants and what it can do for us.

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