Google Authenticator Adds Support for Syncing OTPs With Google Accounts

By Srikanth
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Google’s two-factor authentication (2FA) application Google Authenticator has recently made the latest update for iOS and Android smartphones. The latest update allows users to take a backup of their Google account with one-time passwords (OTP). Further, these OTPs can easily be synced with another device while switching the device.


The latest Google Authenticator update on Android grants permission to the users to access their two-factor authentication (2FA) codes on other devices logged in with the same Google account. To date, one-time codes on Authenticator were only stored on a single device, restricting users from signing in to the service in the absence of the primary device.

The details about the updates to Google Authenticator on iOS and Android are inclusive of the ability to backup and sync OTPs across devices logged into the same Google account.

Google has already mentioned that the purpose of the launch of the latest update is to help users in accessing OTPs on other devices. By the single device OTP, the users were facing the issues while signing in to a service that was set up to use 2FA, if that device was lost, stolen, or damaged.

With the installation of the latest update, it will be an easy and hassle-free situation to access the service by using Google Authenticator 2FA across devices. With this, the users can access the new sync functionality by simply downloading and installing the latest version of Google Authenticator.

The Google Authenticator app was launched in the year 2010. This system was less secure and unreliable as compared to 2FA apps. The generation of various Google apps and services can be done with the help of this system. Once the setup is accomplished, the app displays six to eight-digit-long unique codes that can be used to log into an account.

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