Google Bans Youtube Channels In Russia, China And Brazil

Google removed several YouTube channels as part of its inquiry into coordinated influence operations in China, Russia, and Brazil.

As a part of an inquiry into coordinated influence operations related to China that terminated YouTube channels and blogs, Google completed around 5,197 YouTube channels and blogs of 17 bloggers.

As per the company, these channels and blogs uploaded spammy Chinese content related to music, entertainment, and lifestyle. A tiny subset took the initiative to upload scope in Chinese and English about China and US foreign affairs.

Google also terminated 718 Youtube channels linked to Russia as a part of a mutual influence operations investigation.

Google also mentioned that the campaign was linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) and was sharing content in Russian that was supportive of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin and critical of Ukraine and the West.

The termination of Brazilian YouTube channels also took place, which counts to about 76 YouTube channels. The drive shared content in Brazilian Portuguese that supported Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian President.

Google said they are terminating 8 YouTube channels and blocked two domains from eligibility to appear on Google News surfaces and Discover as part of our investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to Russia.

There were about 27 YouTube channels which were sharing content supporting the facts of Russia, and critical of Western Europe and Ukraine were also terminated by Google in Russia. They tend to reduce 30 YouTube channels and 5 AdSense accounts linked to a Russian consulting firm.

About Google:

Google is a tech company, or we can say a search engine that is intended to facilitate a large amount of information. Currently, Google is keeping an eye on search engine technology and other internet technology, such as online advertising, cloud computing, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.

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