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Google Bullish On Artificial Intelligence, Says Indians Contribute Majorly To AI Ecosystem

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Google Cloud Chief Scientist Fei Fei, who is handling the AI and machine learning has a believes that Indians are contributing more to the global ecosystem of AI, Fei Fei is also the director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab which is based out of Stanford University, said that she has many of the close personal mentors who are aware of the AI origin.

The students of India are contributing on a global level a lot to AI and she said that some of my close personal mentors are also of the Indian origin. She says all these things on the sidelines of the Google cloud next 2018, which is the company three-day cloud conference going to held in San Francisco.

She said that only the fake news is the major issue, so there is an ongoing research on how AI could be used to weed it out. Li also hopes that AI as a tech can possibly be used to solve the issue of fake news.

“There is ongoing research in the (AI) community on this (fake news) and it’s an important effort,” she said. “Just like AI (and natural language processing) has been used to call out gender inequality in Hollywood, that women are less represented, I think it’s a great use of the technology to deliver a positive message and I hope that NLP can contribute to that (fake news problem) as well.”

Moreover, in India, the IT tech giant company Google News Initiative launched a proper training of network to raise a complete awareness against misinformation and provide a new set of tools to a journalist in their battle of fake news.

The company is big on AI and is betting on the technology to capture the higher market share in the hyper-competitive cloud infrastructure market. Lei has a strong believe that AI is imperative to a cloud business from the various multiple verticals which are moving their data to the cloud. Google made a host of announcements and update in its AI offering at the time of its recently held cloud summit which also includes a beta version of its AutoIML Vision tool which also helps enterprises clients to build AI models without turning to any of the expertise.

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