Google Cloud Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Optimised Infrastructure Upgrades

By Srikanth
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Google Cloud Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Optimised Infrastructure Upgrades 1

Google has introduced an array of fresh artificial intelligence (AI) features seamlessly integrated into its cloud offerings, tailored to meet the needs of businesses eager to harness the power of AI technology.


At its annual Cloud Next conference, Google unveiled these novel AI-driven capabilities, spanning tasks like data searches, online collaboration, language translation, and image processing. This conference marked a significant milestone as the first in-person event since 2019.

During this event, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, expressed his enthusiasm, underscoring the remarkable innovations achieved across various facets of the company’s portfolio, including Infrastructure, Data and AI, Workspace Collaboration, and Cybersecurity solutions.

The Cloud Next ’23 event served as a platform for Google to introduce several pivotal advancements to empower businesses to leverage AI and cutting-edge cloud technologies. A standout feature was the introduction of AI-optimized infrastructure.

In a groundbreaking move, Google revealed its most advanced AI-optimized infrastructure, designed for companies seeking to train and deploy models. This infrastructure is available within Google’s cloud regions, allowing it to operate within firms’ data centers through Google Distributed Cloud and even extend to the edge.

Additionally, Google showcased enhancements to Vertex AI, a platform offering developer tools to construct custom models and applications driven by AI. The platform’s upgraded capabilities encompass improved functionalities for crafting tailor-made models and creating enterprise-level Search and Conversation applications.

The event also witnessed the unveiling of Duet AI, an AI collaborator seamlessly integrated into both Google Workspace and Google Cloud. This AI companion aids users in various tasks, from writing and project management to creative design. The intention behind this technology is to augment productivity and nurture creativity among users.

Beyond these innovations, Google spotlighted its ongoing expansion of the global network, setting an ambitious goal to operate entirely on carbon-free energy 24/7 by the year 2030. The AI-optimized infrastructure garnered substantial interest, with 70 percent of AI-powered startups choosing to be Google Cloud customers.

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