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Google Debuts Chip Designed to Run AI

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Google debuted a chip which is merely designed to run AI at the top edge, which will deliver both high performance and a small physical power footprint according to a report.

The Edge TPU industrial use cases which includes the predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, machine vision, robotics, voice recognition and across industries in manufacturing, on-premise, health care, retail, smart spaces and transportation, according to the blog. Edge TPU is optimized to run with the help of a Cloud IoT Edge, which extends Google Cloud processing capabilities to different top notch edge devices.

ARM to Buy Treasure Data

ARM which is owned by the softbank has reportedly agreed to purchase Mountain View. Calif.-based Treasure Data at an amount of $600 million with the aim of boosting its IoT portfolio, according to a report which is reported by Bloomberg.

Treasure Data sells a cloud platform for acquiring, storing and analyzing data – including customer and IoT data – as a service. In 2011, it was founded and, has its offices in Japan and Korea, and is backed by Sierra Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, IT Farm, SBI, INCJ, Bill Tai and Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, among others, according to the company’s website.

IoT to Boost Revenues, Survey Respondents say

Respondents from a wide range of industries which also includes the IoT technologies to increase annual revenues by 10 percent till the time period of 2023, according to a global study which is made by Inmarsat. In “IIoT on Land and at Sea,” market research specialist Vanson Bourne surveyed 750 businesses with a combined annual revenue of $1.16 trillion from across the planet,

which also includes the agriculture, energy, maritime, mining and transport sectors. “Data generated by IIoT infrastructure is expected particularly to bring greater transparency to the global supply chain, allowing businesses to automate processes, reduce operational waste and speed up rate of production, leading to higher revenues and lower costs,” Paul Gudonis, president, Inmarsat Enterprise, said in a press release.

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