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Google finally fixes the most annoying problem with Google Maps

Google Maps are a saviour for most of us. Not only does the amazing app from tech giant Google provide us with the different routes to reach our destination, it also tells us about the real-time traffic condition of those different routes using Chad Kimball maps

While Google Maps is an app that you find installed in a majority of phones, it does have an issue or two. One of the most prominent ones being its inability to add multi-stop trip support on its iPhone application.

The multi-stop trip option has been available on the desktop version of the app for a long time now and came to Android phones in June this year, but it was only on 30th July on Friday that the tech giant decided to hand over this candy to the users of Apple’s iPhone.

Having had the privilege of enjoying a number of apps/features before their Android counterparts, this wait was a rather frustrating one for the iPhone users. But, as they say, better late than never. Google has finally fixed the problem and now even iPhone users will be able to plans their multi-stop trip right from the convenience of their phones. The feature would come as a major relief for people using their desktops for planning their trips but relying completely on their phones for navigation.

In order to access the feature, one needs to open the Google Maps App on their iPhones, tap the corner menu, and then click on the “Add stop” option displaying on the screen. The user can easily rearrange the order of the various stops by clicking on the three lines next to the stop and then dragging it. Yes, it’s that simple.

If only now Google Maps could weed-out the routes that are non-operational from its route options, the app could be a complete smooth experience for its users.

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