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Google Firebase gets Fabric integration, better analytics

Google has introduced updates that will completely change the Firebase app and what it does. Developers around the world use this fantastic platform to create wonderful innovations that will shape the future and more developers will delve in given the new update. The update has a major contribution from the platform called Fabric since Google took it under its wing recently and Fabric’s features have now been integrated to the app. Most importantly, Fabric’s unique crash reporting app, Crashlytics, will also be launched once again through this app anytime soon.

Firebase will now have phone authentication features as derived from Fabric with a new branding. This is surely a new addition that powers Firebase to secure the app much better. At its core, the app is powered up better analytics and advanced features for monitoring. However, the interesting point comes from the re-branding on analytics section.

What firebase will do from now on?

Firebase is going to reintegrated firmly and work in close contact with Google Analytics from now on. This is precisely why the analytics section has been rebranded as Google Analytics for Firebase. So, crash reports will now be available to Google Analytics to gain further insights about the app. In fact, AdMob, another service from Google that controls the in-app ads, is also going to have close ties with Firebase. That will open up a whole new dimension of data regarding retention rate as well as lifetime user value.Google Firebase gets Fabric integration, better analytics

Firebase also get cloud integration with the new update that redefines the web hosting tool that Firebase offered until now. Now that serverless computing is open to firebase developers, Firebase users can do much more regarding notifications and changes. Hence, its emphasis seems to be equal regarding web hosting as well as mobile platforms.

The new additions worth noting

The newest addition to Firebase is an alpha program that opens up easy access to new features of Firebase. That will allow most of the programs having early access feature getting an internal trial. That will do a world of good regarding testing and the outsider users will also want to be a part of it. However, Firebase is not really opening up to everyone. A proper set of users will be given the additional reign.

There are other minor additions like inclusion of Swift from Apple in the new SDK for Firebase. Also, performance monitoring has been enhanced further and the SDKs are built primarily on open source. Google’s continuous support of open source finds another example and its commitment to transparency is next to none. It fosters the mode of collaboration further and seeks advice and reports from all corners for a more holistic approach to software development.

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