Google Hangouts stops on Android and iOS

Google Hangouts stops on Android and iOS 1

A few days ago, a release was made regarding Google; it says that Google is now restricting Classic Hangouts for its free users. Many users have said that they are finding it hard to access Hangouts for Android and iOS users today.

The primary phase of this shutdown is affecting older Hangouts mobile apps that haven’t added any major features in the last several years and have been mostly unavailable for new Google Play or App Store downloads in recent months.

Launching Hangouts had made an announcement that said that it’s time to chat now in the Gmail prompt that will be supported on the upgraded versions of Android and iOS. This will enable the usage of dedicated Google Chat apps or Gmail tabs. After the visualization of the screen, it becomes tough to access classic Hangouts on mobile.

As per the reports google search depends on the website speed as one of the major factor in the Google search algorithm, Google also had a utility to check website parameters using the google speed test which analyze different parameter which impact the speed of the website

This is going to be the biggest disruption to continue the usage of messages that have now moved to chat. It is said that-

From hangouts, some of the conversations or portions of conversations will not automatically migrate to chat. Google will email affected users with complete details in around September 2022.

Today we have analyzed it on many devices, and Google accounts over the globe. As analyzed last week, most of the people were able to visualize the conversations and send messages, but that’s not the same case anymore now.

Aside from Android

In iOS, Google is similarly disabling the Hangouts Chrome desktop extension, while the classic Hangouts Web will be restricted in Gmail’s sidebar this month. Users will now be able to chat in or use a PWA (Progressive Web App) at

Till October, the users will be able to access the platform that is, but this will stop working later. The classic Hangouts is going to have the ability to download data/history via Google Takeout.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the chatting application that is built into the free version of Gmail, and the platform also facilitates video interaction. You can chat with anyone with a Google account, whether it is paid or free. The video-call feature permits the existence of up to 25 people at a single time; the platform has various effects, like adding a fake hat to the head or playing a sound effect. If you want to reach a broader audience, Hangouts powers YouTube Live for live broadcasts streamed from your chat app.

Hangouts support every user’s handle, whether it is mobile or desktop browsers. Hangouts is a click away in Gmail, and whenever you make a new Google Calendar appointment, you’ll get a Hangouts link as well to get easy access over the call. The platform is suitable for business calls and personal chats as well.

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