Google introduces Multi-search Option

Google introduces Multi-search Option 1

As a motive to make our lives easier, Google is planning to establish a new way to search the web using an amalgamation of text and images at the same time.

Over time it becomes tough to make Google understand the need they want. In other words, you can say that words are not enough to make Google understand. That’s why Google is going to take the initiative in the research direction. The company has just unveiled the Multi-search feature.

This states that despite typing into the search box, you can depict your requirement by combining text and images with the Google search engine.

So, let’s visualize how this new feature of the search giant works and how marketers can get an advantage from it.

How does Multi-search would work?

For instance, if you’re seeking a specific dress but with different colors, prices or sizes, you are unable to get that. You got a new feature to use a screenshot or photo of that dress directly from your gallery and include some additional text. Isn’t it great?

Also, one captures the pictures of things that one come across while walking down the street. You can further ask Google to find more relevant information about the same for you. The things may include wall painting, a flower, a dress, or anything that attracts your eyes.

If you still face any issues or doubt about the wonder of this new search feature, Google took a little more deep drive to blow your mind. For instance, You can share a picture of a table or any other thing and can ask Google to find the perfect chair suggestions for it. Yes, this can happen too.

Being a marketer- What can you expect from this new search feature?

For now, Multi-search is only available as a beta feature in the US as the best results for shopping searches. The Google Director of Search, Lou Wang, mentioned that Multi-search takes after the way we ask questions about things we’re looking at and is a significant part of how Google visualizes the future of research.

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