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Google is up with their new app Go

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Today, Google launches their new light version of search and the name of the app is Go, which can read virtually any of the website of your choice just for you. Go app has the capability to read out contents in almost more than two dozen languages, which is eventually giving more options to people to read articles and web pages according to their wishes. Go app is connecting more people as they are providing a large range of languages and readers can actually choose their preferable language to read articles easily.

This kind of service was made for those people who are interested in listening to long- format of articles, news related to some cause, stories or any other kind of web content, and this is very much similar to ebook reading where you can pause, play or play with the speed according to readers will. This service very much helping those who are suffering from visual unbalance or people who are so much busy in their work that they don’t have any to read but wish to read articles, this app with definitely work for them.

The reader who are using Go app uses WaveNet speech which is synthesis just to resemble like human voice and it is also available in almost 26 languages. This light version app is available in 28 countries right now, including India, Indonesia, Brazil and many other African countries, such as Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

Go which is reading the latest use of conversational Artificial Intelligence just to democratize and this is getting information for those people in other developing countries. Go app is capable of redaing reading articles and websites for readers which was announced today at the event conference of Google 4 India. This is very unique in itself only and will help to all kind of readers.

During earlier in this year, Cainkade Studio which has a collaboration with government of Colombia- released My Line in order to make Google Assistant and then it will be available to answer questions on phone.

In the press conference at Transform, the Uber head of product Jairam Ranganathan where he talked about how conversational Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate Uber so that ridesharing services are the part of this new world where people are much more interested in making calls on which phone rather than using a smartphone application.

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