Google launches Allo, What’s Good and Bad

In order to give competition to the dominance of the likes of Whatsapp and Hike Messenger in the messaging app space, tech giant Google has unveiled its very own messaging application called the Google Allo.

Available on Android and iOS, the Google Allo app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In order to impress its Indian users, the tech giant has customised the app by adding smart replies in Hinglish, which is a combination of the english and hindi language. Not only this, the Indian users of Allo will also get to use some 200 stickers relevant to India and its citizens. The stickers have reportedly been created by some of the most popular independent Indian artists. According to Google, “Sometimes a “Badhai Ho” or “Party to banti hai” say a lot more.”

Explaining why Google decided to come up with an app like Allo, Google’s Amit Fulay, said, “Whether it’s planning a night out or just catching up, we rely on messaging to stay in touch with friends and family every day. But too often we have to hit pause on our conversation — whether it’s to check the status of a flight or look up that new restaurant. So we created Allo, a messaging app that helps you keep your conversation going, by providing assistance when you need it.”

Allo is almost similar to WhatsApp and comes with amazing features such as emojis, smart reply, option to share photos and send stickers etc. In addition to this, all the messages sent through the Allo app will be end-to end encrypted, just like WhatsApp. The users will also have an option of chatting in an Incognito mode which will come with interesting features like message expiration and discreet notifications.

According to Google, Allo will also help people to get introduced to Google Assistant, that too in a preview edition.

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