Google launches first developer preview of android things, its new iot platform

Google launches first developer preview of android things, its new iot platform

Google launches Android things, its new IoT platform.  It is aiming at building smart devices which can be very much helpful to everyone.

Google’s first Android things:

Android things IoT is perhaps a great invention. The whole world is really amazed at this invention.  This will simply mix Google’s earlier invention Brillo with its tools like Android Studio, Google play services etc. Have you heard about Brillo? Brillo was also a great invention of Google but unfortunately it never experienced any major uptake from the developers. It has been commented by one of the officials of the company have reported that Google will efficiently work with all the early Brillo users to mix their projects to Android things.

Google’s Partnership:

It has also come to news that Google has also entered into partnership with a number of hardware manufacturers. This is also a great initiative. The main motto behind this step is they want to offer solutions to Intel Edison, NXP Picco etc. There is also a twist behind this step. It has also came to be known that Google will be soon seen to enable all the important and vital infrastructure needed to push or set Google’s operating system updates and security fixes to all these equipments.

Google’s first Android things

Role of other device makers:

By noticing this invention and procedures the other smart device makers have also shown their initiatives. Honeywell, Wink has shown their acceptance that will gladly accept the protocol and allow their devices to connect with the Google Assistant and other associate devices. The entire thing is getting updated slowly. This year has proved to be a great success for the company. It has invented such a great platform.

Google’s new Iot platform:

Google’s new Iot platform has long been a matter of discussion. Its practical application has really proved to be great. It seems that with this invention the company is set in a new way. It has achieved a new dimension in its work. Google has also announced that by 2017 it will power all its offices and data centres from 100% renewable energy. This is indeed a great commitment and if it is fulfilled then Google will turn into World’s biggest purchaser of renewable power. Nest who invented Nest Weave for creating most comprehensive developer platform for home has now turned into weave platform.  Therefore the whole world is really amazed at Android things.  Let’s hope for something great in years to come.


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