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Google Launches Machine Learning Course for INDIANS

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Nowadays, the demand for newly developed skills such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are increasing, mainly that concern with data scientists, and these demands need to be fulfilled with supply of more than 50 percent by 2018.

When you are in India where you are wondering to equip yourself with all those skills which are related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, you should get ready because the huge Google has now come up with a practical free – training from masters of Google.

Google launches its Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) Jam Series in India. Google said “This is going to improve developers and help them to become more technical in machine learning, by lots of practices”.

MLCC has helped almost 18,000 Google lovers, by making the course available for everyone and introduced “Learn WITH Google AI” in March 2018 for making people understand more AI and Machine Learning concepts.

While addressing the audience about the launch of the program in India the Director of Public Policy at Google India Chetan Krishnaswamy stated that we are in urgent need of technically sound and trained developers who can handle AI related projects, for many companies irrespective of their business size.

“This will help farmers to detect infection of crops and even look for doctors check up when diabetic occurs among million, Artificial Intelligence  now helping in all these kinds of problem to be solved” Krishnaswamy added.

MLCC is for those who want to learn machine learning through practical means, when perspective is applied that give a power to understand the deeper knowledge about TensorFlow, to get incorporated in everyday life. This course is mainly for those developers who want to know basic of machine learning, and looking forward to gain great experience about machine learning and TensorFlow.

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Google said in one of its statement that Artificial Intelligence in India is in initial state but still this is growing fast. There are lots of small and large companies which are adopting AI solutions, so there is a need of trained and technically qualified developers to handle such AI related problems and challenges.

To support this program more intensively the result of this, there is an agreement signed between NITI Aayog, Government of India’s policy and Google in May to work in favour of flourishing Artificial Intelligence environment in India for the betterment.

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