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Google launches similar app to iOS Airdrop: fast sharing app

According to a survey, iPhone users most likely used and favorite app is the ‘airdrop.’

Airdrop is used to share documents, photos, videos, map locations, websites to an iPhone, iPad, mac any other apple products up to devices around 30 feet distance. And now, Google is launching a similar type of software, ‘fast share.’

People at 9To5 Google were able to enable a new feature called the Fast Share on their Google Pixel 3 XL smartphones. It allows them to share files with a variety of other devices including other Android devices and Chromebooks without using the Android Beam. It is a feature that was introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 in 2011.

Android is no less than Apple in launching different kinds of fast sharing methods which benefits the users in saving time while sharing the information as fast as possible.

Apple helps users with many various features and comes up with new ideas of improvising their mobile phone models with new updates every year. Yet, in the country, the most commonly used are android phones. This is because Apple phones are a bit expensive and complicated to use. Android phones are mostly preferred in the country as they are budget-friendly and have an easy usage pattern.

Now that Android also provides similar features with apple, the demand for android has increased in the market. Android now launches the Fast Share which is similar to airdrop with additional benefits.

Fast Share also gives users the choice to give ‘Preferred Visibility’ to select users with which they share files frequently. Fast share enables faster transfer of files by making sure that people who have preferred visibility can see other user’s smartphones even when they are nearby but are not using Fast Share.

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