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Google launches Thai AI project to screen for diabetic eye disease

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Google yesterday has revealed that it has launched an artificial intelligence programme in Thailand to screen for a diabetic eye disease which causes the permanent blindness as well. The eye screening programme in Thailand follows up with a similar Google programme in India and highlights a push by some of the big tech companies to show some of the social benefits of the new Artificial Intelligence companies.

“As a society, we have a responsibility to use AI in the best possible way,” Kent Walker, the company’s Senior Vice President for Global Affairs, said in a speech at a Google event in Bangkok on Thursday.

The event also highlighted with some of the other social media benefits of the Google AI projects such as stopping illegal fishing in Indonesia. Google Thailand diabetic programme was announced in partnership with a Thai state-run Rajavithi hospital. This even followed up with a joint study which found the AI programme to have an accuracy rate of more than 96 percent when it comes to disease detection, as which is compared with 74 per cent from the eye or the optician’s doctors.

The programme analyses the patient’s eye screen which also results to access if they are at risk of vision loss that will also enable them to have the preemptive treatment. Thailand is one of the largest and important producers of sugar, and high consumption of sugar is common amongst its 70 million population. The Thai government has been so much campaigning against the behavior that can even lead to diabetes and has made the diabetic eye screening one of the country national health indicators since 2015.

Thailand as of now has around 1400 eye doctors for its 5 million diabetic patients, who are all at risk of the Paisan, Vision loss, Ruamviboonsuk.

Udit Agarwal
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