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Google Maps adds a new feature that notifies if cab goes off-direction

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India is a country that witnesses a lot of crimes due to cab drivers and shady routes so much that people don’t find it safe anymore to travel in a cab, without booking it from a secure third-party app.

Google came to the rescue, by adding a new feature called “Stay Safer”  that gives notification on the user’s phone every time his/her cab goes out of the direction. The user’s phone will be buzzed soon as the cab goes 0.5km out of the actual route, and the maps will show a compared map to their ongoing route to the original route.

This feature has been specially tested in India in June earlier, given all the current situations about safety issues in the country. This feature will also let the users share their live trip with their friends or family with a real-time location sharing in Maps to keep a live track on the journey.

In conversation about this, Amanda Bishop, product manager at Google Maps said, “we found that a lot of people limit their traveling due to safety-related concerns in the country Through our extensive research across India. This is first of its kind for Indian users

Android users can choose the “stay safe” option or the “Get off-route alert option” and activate them during any navigation. This not just makes the users safe from cabs, but also auto rickshaws and other transport services. Google Maps hasn’t disclosed if this feature will be available in other countries or not yet.

Earlier this year, google maps also added other new features like real-time train and bus notifications, even in the biggest cities to make it easier for the users to calculate their travel time. This feature takes it to the next level of safety of using the maps, along with better ease.

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