Google Maps Introduces Immersive View of Cities

By Srikanth
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Google Maps Introduces Immersive View of Cities 1

Google Maps has recently launched an Immersive View in four new cities of the globe that are listed below- Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice. This launch is going to expand the feature to over 500 iconic landmarks all around the world. These landmarks are going to be carried from Prague Castle to the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Android and iOS devices.


Google has already made the launch of the Immersive View feature by the utilization of AI to fuse together billions of images and create a multidimensional view of the world.

Google said that in case an individual is planning for a trip to Boston and want to witness the historic Faneuil Hall, they can get a jump start on familiarizing themselves with the area before they visit. One can search the things on Google Maps and tap on the first video to virtually soar over the building and find places nearby.

Moreover, the company also mentioned that with the time slider on Google Maps, users will be able to visualize how much the temperature is going to be in the future at different times of day and how crowded the places are going to be so that one can plan their trip accordingly.

Google has also launched glance able directions feature in Maps that will be helping the users in tracking the progressing the trip right from their lock screen or route overview.

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