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Google Maps will find your parked car for you

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The accuracy of Google maps is astonishing to say the least and it is being used for various purposes as of now. However, many have not thought of its most recent novel usage. Google Maps can help you in locating your apparently lost car in the long queue of parked cars. Parking in public places is a serious problem, as anybody would tell you. However, Google, as always, comes up with an interesting intervention.

Its new feature lets the map memorize the previous location of parker car, so that you can trace it back from your current location. However, this functionality has not been available widely and has only been released as a beta version to limited number of users. However, it surely is going to become viral once it becomes available.Google Maps will find your parked car for you

How to save your parking location?

In the app, once you park your car, tap on the blue location dot and an option will appear that allows you to save your parking spot. In fact, by adding notes like pillar number, parking level to the text boxes available, you can make sure you do not lose it even if GPS is not working accurately. The feature also tells you the duration of parking and even lets you save pictures of surroundings so that you remember the spot in a picture perfect manner. This is surely a revolution because Google’s innovation allows you to release the feature to everyone across the globe.

Why is it important?

For the first time, the feature makes it a non-exclusive one since Google Maps can be used by anyone and everyone. Earlier, there was Apple Maps with a similar feature. However, you need to possess an iPhone to avail the feature and also, you had to connect the phone through Bluetooth with the car. So, there were quite a few requirements that needed to be met. But, the ease of usage of this feature in Google Maps will make it a hot favourite among everyone.

However, there has not been any concrete information from Google’s side regarding its final release since the beta testing phase is continuing. Also, it is important to note that Google is applying numerous features to its Maps to ensure that users can do much more than simple navigation.

Other recent interventions

Google’s latest effort has been location sharing with allows users to share their location through Google Maps. While a number of apps do let you do that in their specific apps, this allows a direct sharing without any app’s intervention as long as the person has a Google account. So, all you need to do is to select a person from your contact list and share the location. While privacy concerns have been raised by few, it is most definitely welcome by many.

So, given this feature comes to market, Google may well be integrating its various services to allow people to be connected across the app. While the picture is not very clear yet, it surely is going to be bright.

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