Google Messages Rolling Out WhatsApp-Like Delivery Indicators


The range of beta testing of WhatsApp is expanded by the Google. This is similar to the delivery indicator feature for its Messages app. Google Messages initiates to test the Google Messages delivery indicator in October 2022 and now it is currently available to more and more users. The indicators are reflecting double-check marks. It is remarkable that the feature is currently launching the versions of phones in the Google Messages beta program. Along with this, the messaging app owned by Google is also attaining another feature dubbed ‘Create Your Profile.’ The project is still in the stage of development.

As per the report of Android Police, Google is launching new delivery indicators for more beta testers. A screenshot is also shared by the sources in which it is mentioned that Google Messages will reflect a single circular check mark indicator for sent messages whereas, for delivered messages.

There is an unavailability of information about the launch of the stable version of the new features. Google initiated the beta testing of the new delivery indicators in October 2022 and now it is available to a wider audience. ‘Sent’, ‘Delivered’, and ‘Read’ are the delivery indicators which are spelled by the Google.

Along with the delivery indicators, Google Messages is also attaining a new ‘Create Your Own’ profile feature. Google Messages will allow the users to create their own user profiles. The discovery of the profile page was done by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman in the settings menu of the application. However, the feature is currently not working. But the moment the feature will be launched and get a life, Google Messages will let users create their own profile with a photo, name, and email address.

Google has also made the announcement about introduced the open beta program. E2EE (end to end encrypted) messages are private and safe and can only be seen by the sender and the recipient.

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