Google Next 2018: A deeper dive on AI and machine learning

Google Next 2018: A deeper dive on AI and machine learning 1

AI is now moving step by step towards what could be the next reality. And, to present that they were present in Tokyo. Catering to the needs of AI for the Japanese market. The Cloud Next 2018 event which brought a variety of options to satisfy their needs.

They were there to help them take the Artificial Intelligence integration in their day to day activities to another step. Already Japan is ahead in technological upgrades. And, here with Google’s event, they were even more happy to receive the help.

The event wasn’t a big surprise

Google used its Cloud Next 2018 event in Tokyo and it didn’t come out as a surprise — this one was followed in the same manner as the flagship event in San Francisco’s Cloud Next — to announce a couple of new initiatives that specifically focused on the Japanese market.

These announcements included a couple of basic updates like translating its Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Coursera specialization, its Associate Cloud Engineer certification and 50 of its hands-on Qwiklabs into Japanese. Targeted for the Japanese kept in mind.

Teaching the new lessons

In addition to that, Google is also launching an Advanced Solutions Lab in Tokyo as well. Before this Google also opened such type of the similar labs in the city of Dublin, Ireland, as well as Sunnyvale and New York. These labs offer a wide range of machine learning-centered training options, collaborative work spaces for teams that are part of the company’s 4-week machine learning training program, and access to Google experts.

AI-assisted retail shops

The company also today announced that it is going to work with the Fast Retailing. As its name implies, Fast Retailing is to retail faster, making the business better and faster, so it’s looking at Google and its G Suite and machine learning tools to help it accelerate its growth. The company behind brands like Uniqlo, to help it adopt new technologies from the Cloud Next 2018 event. The code name for this project is ‘Ariake.’

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