Google now allows ‘In Apps’ search for Android

In a recent blog post, tech giant Google announced the launch of a new mode of in-app search called ‘In Apps’, which allows its users to find content on an installed app on their Android device.

According to the information posted by Google, this new search mode is going to be much different from the currently available content search in Android, as it will even let users quickly find content from al of their installed apps.

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The new search mode feature will be accessible to people right inside from the Google Application on Android, and will give users the power to search content on the Android device. What’s even better is that the feature can be accessed even without switching on the Internet. Using the search mode, users will be able to search information in notes, contacts, messages and also across the installed apps like Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube.

One can use the new mode of in-app search called ‘In Apps’ for easily finding the contacts and messages one is looking for like searching for the coffee place that your elder sister recommend you last month. The mode can also be used to listen to one’s favourite song or watch a video at one place. In addition to this, the mode can also help its users stay supremely organized with their tasks and notes like checking off items from a birthday party list.

According to Google, the support for apps like Google Keep, Facebook Messenger, Todoist, LinkedIn, Glide and Evernote will follow in a couple of months.

Anything a user searches in the mode will only be seen in the user’s own personal results, and one can even control what apps they want to appear by going to the Settings option within the Google application.

We think, with this, Google has made the busy lives of people all around the globe a tad simpler.

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