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Google is now protecting Gmail users from cyber criminals

Does mail from an unknown email id with a tempting subject always send you in a confused state of mind? Do you waste your important time contemplating whether to open the email or not? If the answer for both the above questions is yes, and you’re a Gmail email account user, you’re in luck.

In order to give Gmail users an extra layer of security, Google has recently announced the launch of two new security warnings features for its Gmail account users. The new features will help users identify whether a particular email should be trusted or not. The new features will be rolled out by Google for all its Android and Web users in the coming few days.

According to an official blog post by Google, if a Gmail user receives an email that can’t be can’t be authenticated with either Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DKIM, they will see a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo, corporate logo, or avatar, courtesy the new security features.

The new warning will only be visible on Gmail for Android and web. While tech giant Google is claiming this to be a new update, a few users on Reddit have another story to tell. According to them, they have been seeing the ‘question mark’ warning sign in some of their emails for quite some time now.
There’s another warning sign that will be visible to a user when he clicks on a dangerous website link that is known for unwanted software, malware and phishing.

Google, it seems, is really working hard to ensure the security of its users. The tech giant has recently updated the security system of a number of its offerings.

It recently updated its two-step verification process by the addition of a prompt option. As opposed to earlier times when a user had to waste time by checking a One-time-password (OTP) on their mobile phones and then typing it in the browser, after the update, Google now asks its user “Are you trying to sign-in?” along with all details of the device that is trying to access a particular Gmail account.

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