Google Pay Is Bringing Paytm-Like Soundpod to Merchants in India

By Srikanth
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Google is making the introduction of a sound pod for vendors for its UPI payment app Google Pay in India. The latest launch is quite similar to Paytm and PhonePe. The device has the feature of in-built speaker and an LCD display so that it can inform merchants about their successful payments. The Soundpod supports different languages. Currently, the device has made available to certain selected merchants with no extra costing imposed on the item. Paytm, PhonePe, and BharatPe offer soundboxes that have successful payment confirmation to merchants in different languages through audio. There are some stores that are receiving the devices for free at the moment.


As per the resources, Google Pay is bringing its own soundbox in India that will inform sellers of successful UPI payments. The portal has mentioned that Google has already initiated to make teh0 distribution of the new device to select sellers across North India. Google’s sound pod features an in-built speaker that announces successful payments and an LCD display that reflects the number of payments, battery, network status, and manual controls.

The new Google Pay soundpod is inclusive of a QR code on the front that is linked to the business owner’s bank-registered phone number. By the help of QR code, the customers can scan and make UPI- payments easily. Once the scenario is achieved, the device can successfully make the payments. These sound pods were built by Amazon-backed ToneTag.

It is remarkable that Google is helpful in facilitating its new sound pod speakers to some of the selected merchants for free. There are certain merchants that have even been given a specific timeframe to get the product and set up the speakers at their registered locations. PhonePe charges a rental fee of Rs. 49 per month; on the other hand, Paytm’s sound pod costing Rs. 125 per month. The cost is dependent on the size and agency promotions of the merchant.

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