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Google promises better privacy tools, smarter AI assistant

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One of the largest IT product-based company, Google revealed updates for its Artificial intelligent voice assistant and with some of the new privacy tools to give people with some of the more control over how they are being tracked on the go or in their own home as well.

The CEO of the company, Google Pichai kicked off the company annual developer conference Tuesday, noting that company also wants to do some of the more to stay ahead of the “constantly evolving user expectations”, on privacy.

The company is now also offerings it’s new “Incognito”” privacy control and face intensifying scrutiny over how many user’s IT companies collect and sell for the purpose of advertising. Facebook dedicated much of its own conference last week to connecting people with some off the more private channels rather than broadly on the social media network.

Incognito mode has also been offered on some of the various browsers which include the Google Chrome, signing in to a Google or with some other account generally negates it.

Apart from that, Google Android and Apple Safari browsers already have some of the various privacy tools which are also been built into the block sites from tracking people online activity so that they can sell the ads based on their locations and perceived interest.

Android Q, as one of the latest and new operating system, is currently known, will also let users restrict app access to the location in a more generally – for instance, by limiting it to times the app is in use.

Google also revealed its assistant will be book cars and tickets with the help of online forms on Android smartphones later this year. The technology behind this is called by the name as Duplex, was released to much fanfare last year when Google demonstrated it making a call to even book a reservation of restaurant.

Udit Agarwal
Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Responsible for gathering information on the tech companies working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies, Udit can be reached at [email protected]

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