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Google Quietly Working on a Successor to Android

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From more than two years a team of 100 engineers at Google have secretly been working on the successor to Android, which is the next level operating system that powers three quarters of the world’s smartphones, according to a report.

As per the report and source code which has been released it is known as Fuchsia, on which Google team and engineers team are working on on the software want to begin adding it into voice-controlled speakers and some of the other type of “connected home devices” in the next three years, and on larger devices like laptops in the next five years.

The report also revealed that the software will soon take care of all the devices in Google which includes Pixel smartphones and Google Home speakers, as well as third-party devices that currently rely on Android and or Chrome OS.

“Switching away from Android could provide Google the opportunity to hit the reset button on any mistakes they believe they made a decade ago,” said Jeffrey Grossman, co-founder of messaging app Confide. “They might be able to regain some power that they’ve ceded to device manufacturers and telecom carriers.

According to a report when Google was asked about the upcoming plans then a Google executive said in a statement: “Fuchsia is one of many experimental open source projects at Google. We’re not providing additional details about the project at this time.”

Google was posting some of the code related things of Fuchsia from the year 2016 and as per the report, the software will likely be designed to address the shortcomings of the best operating system of smartphone, Android, focussing particularly on voice commands and frequent privacy and data security updates.

Some of the founding members of Android and Google CEO, Sundar Pichai have been reluctant to commit to future plans for Fuchsia, as per the report, given that a re-vamp of the most popular operating system in the world could have massive modifications for Google’s core business as an advertising platform and its relevant hardware partners.

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