Google rebrands Cloud Services Platform as Anthos

By Sony T
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Google rebrands Cloud Services Platform as Anthos 1

One of the largest product based company Google has now rebranded its cloud service platform; a management service introduced last year for on-premise Google cloud and data centers. The company has also widened up its wide range of service scope such that Anthos works not just with the help of a Google cloud platform but other cloud providers as well which even includes the Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure.


Google has also collaborated with the firms such as the Cisco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, that will offer the tech components to the service. Besides that, Google has also partnered with infotech vendors to spread the Anthos. These vendors include the HCL, Deloitte, NTT communications, TCS, Wipro, and Atos.

The ability to run the applications across the multiple platforms give the firms the confidence to overcome the fear of being locked into one wrong provider, according to the report revealed.

In order to provide enterprise customers with a consistent across the on premise data centers and on the cloud, Google cloud Anthos will get the two designs from the HPE.

The blog said, “This unique migration technology lets you migrate and modernize your infrastructure in one smooth motion, without upfront modifications to the original virtual machines or applications. Through this transformation, the InfoTech team is free from managing infrastructure tasks like virtual-machine maintenance, so it can focus on managing and developing applications.”

Anthos will also get the network gear marker CISCO data center, networking and some of the security technologies. Kip Compton, senior vice-president for cloud platforms and solutions at Cisco, said, “Our customers want to develop and deploy their applications anywhere — on premise, in the public cloud, or multiple public clouds — seamlessly and securely.”

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