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Google Reveals Cloud gaming service Stadia

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Google has now revealed its cloud gaming service Stadia at the GDC Conferences in San Francisco. The CEO, Sundar Pichai revealed Stadia at a special keynote, at the Google maiden appearance at GDC.

Google Stadia will let you play high-end games without the need to purchase any expensive gaming consoles or make high-end gaming for the system. According to the report, Stadia will be a gaming platform for everyone. All the rendering part of the games will be done in the Google Cloud with the specialized AMG Graphics.

While demonstrating how Stadia would work, Google revealed that if you are watching the video of a gameplay on the YouTube, you could hit the button that says, ‘Play Now’ to get right into the game in just 5 seconds of time. This will be a new feature on the YouTube which will let the game creators create game clips which will also be going to have a ‘Play Now’ button to instantly stream the titles. You don’t even need to install or download any game titles.

Google unveils that the Stadia can run on any type of screen whether it will be a laptop, TV, mobile phone, tablet. It will work on the Chrome OS on the Chromebooks as well.

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